Turning Inventory into a Supply Chain

Turning Inventory into a Supply Chain
February 14, 2022 No Comments Components fmweb

Best CMMS turns Inventory Management into Supply Chain Management

Best CMMS offers Inventory / Warehouse Management for its Desktop and Mobile applications. Alternatively, it can connect to other inventory systems directly via database, REST API or by simple data import/export.

Best CMMS further provides and complements Inventory Management by a Procurement/Order module. Procurement is essential to facility management operations and guarantees that utilities and spare parts are available in due time and quantities required to maintain and service the assets.

Best CMMS provides these features using all other advantages of the application, such as Customization, Speech to Text & Barcode and Link Multiple Concurrent Databases, to name but a few.

In combination with Vendor and Document Management, Best CMMS is further able to control  the involved supply chain.

For a detailed description of the Inventory / Warehouse functionality, follow this link.

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