BIM – primaVista

BIM – primaVista

Used to Visualize your Facility Management Data in BIM (Building Information Model)

  • Import BIM/IFC Data directly into BestCMMS
  • Assign Assets, Rooms, Equipment and IoT Devices to the Building Informatiom Model (BIM)
  • Visualize Facility Management Information in BIM
  • Create 2/3 D Facility Management Plans
  • No 3rd Party Viewer Required
  • Works with AutoCAD™ and others BIM compatible software.

primaVista is the tool to integrate and visualize your BIM Data into BestCMMS.

Instead of polylining your CAFM data and associating the objects to rooms, assets and equipment (incl. IoT), we directly read the standardized IFC Data (objects) into BestCMMS.

You can then link the IFC Data with your existing Facility Management Data and visualize them in BestCMMS.

The integrated BIM viewer in BestCMMS visualizes the linked objects in 2/3 D from a maintenance perspective.

Moreover, with changing the Building Model over time, your Facility Management Data remain up-to-date, and the BIM viewer takes those updates into account just by reloading and updating the IFC Data.

Thus, your Facility Management Data keep “in line” with architectural data and plans.
Moreover, you can identify your Facility Management objects by architectural reference and OEM information.

Additionally, the BIM viewer offers the ability to show single layers of assets, equipment and rooms to print out maintenance plans in 2/3 D.

Besides your assets, IoT devices can be shown in those drawings, too, as BestCMMS interfaces to your IoT devices as well, making it possible to create Work Orders automatically if your devices get out of Spec!