Smoothly integrates into your existing IT Infrastructure

  1. Best CMMS runs on any device that can access the internet with a browser.
  2. Best CMMS runs on Linux, Windows, iMac
  3. Best CMMS runs on databases such as SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL or Oracle
  4. Docker: Installs with docker compose. Simply change the Docker file to fit “Best CMMS” to your environment
  5. Performance Monitor: Best CMMS has its own integrated Data Performance Monitor

Our Facility Management software «Best CMMS» smoothly integrates into any kind of Customer IT Infrastructure.
There are no Limits of Choice in respect to Operating Systems or Databases, there are no Requirement Prescriptions to follow.


We use latest browser features and data filtering tools to reduce response time, thus enabling users to work smoothly with the application even when access to the internet is slow.