BestCMMS claims to be a “Comprehensive” Facility Management solution

BestCMMS claims to be a “Comprehensive” Facility Management solution
March 14, 2022 No Comments News fmweb

GraysLake/Breitenbach, 15th March 2022

The BestCMMS Facility Management framework is an itegral, comprehensive facility management framework which covers all areas of a modern facility management solution.

It is completely web-based, runs on desktop and mobile devices, and includes an endless list of features, such as geolocation of assets & labor, complete CMMS, EAM and RMS functionality as well as EDMS, BIM and BAS/IoT integration, to name just a few.

Besides functionality, BestCMMS works in any IT environment and with databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, ORACLE and PostgeSQL.

BestCMMS is also recognized as a Best of Web 2.0 framework in Europe as of 2014, and is used in industries such as hospitals, labs, oil and gas, energy supply, and general building and service management.

Another outstandig feature is its customizability, which includes adaptable business procesded, a language and metadata interface and realtime connection and integration of external databases.

Interfaces include import/export to excel, geolocation and REST API, as well as the recent BAS/BAC client interface to the Internet of Things(IoT)

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