New release of Best CMMS

New release of Best CMMS
January 27, 2022 No Comments News fmweb

Highlight – 3D Bim browser: The lastest release of the BestCMMS web application integrates a 3D BIM browser which shows your assets in a 3-dimensional view of your buildings. Zoom-in to floors or select group of assets, rooms, sprinklers etc. to immediately identify the location and service information for the assets. The 3D BIM browser features standard BIM functionality and smoothly integrates into the Best CMMS application using the embedded Document Management System (EDMS). Simply upload your drawings in IFC-format and link or create the BIM data to your assets interactively.

Other features of this release include:

  1. Updated ORACLE, MySQL & PostgreSQL scripts
  2. New preventive auto-scheduling schema
  3. Uses Microsoft ASP.NET Core web/server application framework 6
  4. Proxy Server (Internet) configuration templates for Apache2 & Nginx
  5. Installation files now available both as docker and window files

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